Eco Camp  for kids!

Eco Camp is an opportunity for kids to discover their own natural rhythms by immersing in garden projects throughout our community. Campers enjoy sessions in companion planting, using bugs and plants to grow a healthy harvest and the benefits of whole food nutrition free of chemicals and additives. Recent projects include backyard composting, recycling barnwood into photo art and using eggshells to start Kale seedlings for a Fall planting. 

You Are What You Eat

2013 Campers learned about Hopi Red Dye Amaranth, a specialty plant in the grain family whose baby leaves are delicious in salad and mature leaves chock full of protein when cooked like spinach. Rural Heritage and heirloom grains connected kids with their own roots. 

Pallet Garden

2012 campers enjoyed sharing what they had learned about companion planting when they created this pallet garden producing healing herbs for use at EnergyPsi Holistic Healing Arts Studio in Grand Ridge.


is a possibility if enough interest. TBD at community meeting on March 12th

Resina Calendula is one of the garden's natural pesticides and prolific pollinators in a chemical-free garden~

2014 Eco campers saved nearly 4,000 seeds and learned the value of food security through seed banks and genuine hybrids. Identifying plants, learning the cycle of pollination and companion planting in the garden to improve taste of veggies, attract beneficial bugs and control pests are just a few topics covered during Spring Break and Summer break camps. 

Carnival Squash is a type of Acorn squash that is delicious for Fall harvest~

2015-2017 camps were offered through neighboring Park District programs. 2018 Eco Camp engaged college prep students pursuing specialty crop agriculture careers. A demonstration and testimonials from previous campers will take place during Grand Ridge Community Fest celebration August 14, 15 & 16, 2020.

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